Welcome to the Web Site of Aapje.info's RAQ 2

 This page is hosted on an old Cobalt RaQ2 Webserver

My restored Cobalt RAQ 2

This website is hosted on a RAQ2. The image of the drive is downloadable at the following url:


The image is made with the following tool:
HDD Raw Copy Tool

The manual for this machine can be found here: manual_raq2.pdf

And a bios chip dump is downloadable here chip is a AM29F040B @ DIP32 (dumped with XGPro)


I restored two RaQ2 servers, which i also upgraded with 2x 128MB Edo 3.3v RAM. So the system reconizes 256MB. The original drive was a 4.3GB drive. But one was head-crashed. So they got an upgrade to 40GB Seagates out of a Apple G4 tower. And via the HDD Raw Copy Tool i was able to clone the one working drive to the other system.